Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wowed by a Senior Citizen!!!

I received a call from this mature sounding gentleman who a distint accent. He wanted to come to visit me. I gave him directions and quickly showered to prepare for our encounter. I anxiously await his arrival. He pulls into my driveway in a trendy SUV. Out steps this older white guy who appears to be in his mid to late
60s. He greets me with a kiss on my lips and a tight squeeze. We have small talk and I learn that he is originally from Switzerland and he is in his mid 60s.

As he enters into my bedroom he comments on the burning candles. I inquire about his music preference. Jazz it will be. I lay on my bed in my tight fitting jeans and top which shows my big brown breasts.I ask if it's too dark in the room and replies to turn on the lights so he can see me. He immediately starts to undress and ask me to do the same. I stand and pull my jeans down first with my back to him exposing my big brown ass in my light green thong. Then pull my shirt over my head and am now facing him. Oh my God, what a surprise when I gazed at his ...

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