Sunday, June 28, 2009

Did I say I love Hispanic Men?

I've been waiting over a month to hook up with my Miami Papi. We have been missing each other calls and text. He lives maybe 20-25 mins away from me and we always have a late night rendezvous. I work days he works nights so our sleep patterns aren't the same. I try to stay awake to await his call but most of the time fall asleep with him on my mind as I touch myself. Hmmmmmmmm. Papi has the softest skin and the prettiest eyes. His kisses are so tender and sweet.

He wants to occupy as much of my time as I will give him tonight... Oh, that is all night since I don't have to work tomorrow. I quickly hop out of bed and shower, put on my tightest fitting jeans and low cut shirt, white lace bra and white thongs and hop in my car. I called to say I'm on 95 south heading to Key Biscayne. I can hear the anticipation in his voice. I feel my nipples hardening and you know what getting wet.

He opens the door as I approach the steps. He's standing there in his white boxers. Hmmmmm I can't wait to get them off. We head straight to his bedroom where the lights are dimmed and the glasses of wine await. He puts down the reclining chair so that I can sit. He sits in the matching one and reaches over to grab my hand. I run my fingers up his arm and he leans over and kisses me. I melt. His kisses are so soft. I feel his tongue in my mouth and begin to suck on it... I feel so far away and want to be in his lap. I get out of my chair and lean over him. Our mouths join again as he pulls me closer into his space. I can't keep my hands off him as I touch his face, his hair, his hairy chest, his stomach and ...

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