Saturday, June 20, 2009

Miami Has Just Gotten Hotter

Hmmmm, I finally got out of my rut and decided to find some excitement. I posted an ad here and there seeking companionship (or maybe someone else is seeking companionship).. anyway.. this cute sounding young guy called. He sounded so young I asked him his age... "24" he stated. "Can I come over?" "Sure" I answered quickly since I have been so horny lately.

Twenty minutes later he was knocking on my door. I open the door and too my surprise was the cutest white buck I've seen in a while. "Hmmmmmm" I thought. This is going to be a lot of fun... I'm dressed in my netted black top that is a midriff with my black bra, black capris that are fitting my form so snugly and my lace black thongs. He smiles and enters the room.

All of a sudden I remembered why I love white men... I remembered high school and my white boyfriends... my girlfriends' boyfriends who also became my lovers. My adventures at that larger University in Northeast US where I had 30,000 white male classmates to admire and play with... then he planted the wettest kiss I've had in a long time on my lips that brought me back to reality... Gazing in those blue eyes made me wet instantly.

He took me by my hand and led me to the bed... untying my top and lifting my lace bra and letting my 46eees fall to the side.. he picks up one and starts to ...

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